AIDS Funding Collaborative Will Soon Award Grants, Releases Strategic Plan Focused on Ending HIV Epidemic

With the goal of ending the HIV epidemic in Greater Cleveland, the AIDS Funding Collaborative (AFC) will soon award multiple grants.

The  grants, both large and small, will be awarded in a variety of different categories including: annual community responsive grants, small discretionary grants for sponsorships or short-term projects, grants by invitation that are targeted to urgent or unmet needs, and a new category of mid-range grants called catalyst grants, designed to support innovative and intensive HIV-related efforts in specific neighborhoods and networks that face the highest rates of HIV.

 The AIDS Funding Collaborative (AFC) is a public/private partnership designed to strengthen the community’s response to HIV/AIDS by providing advocacy, funding, leadership and coordination in Greater Cleveland. Throughout its 25-year history, the AFC has invested nearly $13 million to support HIV/AIDS-related services, prevention efforts and community initiatives in Cuyahoga County. The AFC intends to remain as a central place for collaboration among HIV funders and leaders, and will engage community advisors to ensure that grantmakers and advocates are fully informed about key populations, neighborhoods and thematic areas of HIV work.

The AFC believes that every person living with HIV and every person at risk of HIV can be informed, empowered and connected to the services and supports that they might need.

Guided by its mission, over a 10-month period, the AFC’s Advisory Committee engaged community stakeholders and worked together to develop the AFC’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022. As this plan is implemented, potential grantees and other key partners will help it take shape through roundtable events and other convenings that will provide opportunities for mutual learning.

We believe in community involvement and leadership. We are committed to racial equity. We believe we can end the HIV epidemic in Greater Cleveland. Now is the time. Join us!

The AFC’s funding partners are: The Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County, The City of Cleveland, The Cleveland Foundation, Cuyahoga County, The George Gund Foundation and Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation. The Center for Community Solutions is the fiscal home of the AFC. Learn more about our strategic priorities at

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